Nissan Car History

Just mention the name Nissan to lovers of vintage cars and watch their face light up with delight. There are many people in the world who love Nissan cars, but quite a number of them do not know about its history. Though they own Nissan cars, they do not know when the first such car rolled out and how did it make its way up to what it is now. This history of this car dates a long way back, to 1911 with the founding of the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works in Japan.

The year 1914 saw the production of the first car with was named the “Dat” This car was a runaway success and in 1914 this organization changed its name to the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Co. this was not all. Again in the year 1925 the company changed its name again and now it was called the DAT Motorcar Co. The year 1926 saw the merger of this company with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., Ltd. that was based in Osaka and the end result of this merger was the founding of the DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd. This company produced the first Datsun in the year 1931.

To those who do not know, the name Datsun means the `son of Dat.’ The Company shifted to Yokohama in the year 1933. The year 1934 saw another merger and this time the merger was with Nihon Sangyo Co. Ltd. It was as late as in the 1st of June 1934 that the company became known as Nissan Motor Co., the name that we all are familiar with and that we all love. Few people know that this organization manufactured equipment for the Japanese military as well. Those who love the Nissan car will love to gain more knowledge about it from its history.