Usain Bolt contributes to the design of one-off Nissan GT-R

by admin ~ October 15th, 2012.

The fastest man alive, Jamaican runner Usain Bolt gets his name on one of the fastest cars on earth today, the Nissan GT-R. The sprinter collaborated with Nissan to develop a one of a kind ride with a gold color finish donning Bolt’s signature. The interior also gets custom interior fittings made of real gold.

The first of the Bolt Nissan GT-R will be auctioned online via eBay before the end of October. The proceeds of the sale will donated to the Usain Bolt Foundation that extends help to the young people of Jamaica, creating opportunities to make their lives better.

The multi-awarded Olympian will also be working on special models of the GT-R in the future. The GT-Rs will be limited edition vehicles that will be Bolt-branded and will be offered by the Japanese car manufacturer to its different markets across the globe. Nissan has not released any details with regard to this models yet but we can expect more information as the projects near their kick off dates.

Usain Bolt is now the brand’s Director of Excitement. When asked to comment about his endorsement, the Jamaican athlete said that racing is his inspiration and he wants to help the brand create more exciting rides for the consumers.

Nissan is also very delighted to tap the creativity of the fastest man on earth. The COO of Nissan said during a press briefing that the brand shares the excitement of the world during the Olympics and there is no better person to embody this other than Usain Bolt.

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