The New Nissan Micra: Why is it such a success?

by admin ~ January 3rd, 2009.

People often wonder about the new Nissan Micra and they would like to know the reason behind its success. Few of them know that this car is known by the name Micra only outside Asia. Within Asia, the Micra is known as the Nissan March and it is produced by the famous Japanese automaker, Nissan. This particular car is a supermini and is being manufactured since 1982. Overseas production of this car, in Europe, commenced 10 years later from 1992.

Once a Micra fan, always a Micra fan! This is a popular school of thought and it is true because of a variety of reasons. People love the Micra car because of its reliability and because of its user friendliness. Check out leading car magazines and you will find that the K12 model of this car has been consistently receiving good reviews all over the world. The build quality of the Micra is excellent and if there is anything that one can complain about this car, it is the lack of headroom along with the rear luggage space.

However this does not take away the sheen that the car is famous for all over the world. For a few years since it was first released, some insurance companies rated it as a dangerous car, but with each successive models, the problems have been ironed out and the new Nissan Micra is considered to be an extremely safe car.

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    i am looking for new car, brand name nissan, Ref. is MARCH

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