Nissan Z due 2015 will be more fuel-efficient and lighter

by admin ~ July 13th, 2012.

2013_nissan_370zAs car manufacturers are being pushed against the wall with tighter emission and fuel economy regulations, sports cars such as the 370Z by Nissan is more difficult to justify from the point of view of prospective buyers.

A new Nissan 370Z is due to roll out by 2015 and there is a loud buzz that it will be specifically built to have a better appeal to a wider spectrum of customers. The new 370Z will be more fuel efficient and lighter.

The build is still on the initial phase but Shiro Nakamura, design head of Nissan, hinted that the new Z will be leaner but with a stronger impact. This might be achieved if Nissan will give the 370Z a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine to make it lighter. Nakamura added that the car will have more resemblance to the other models in the Nissan lineup.

We know that they can draw out more power from a four-cylinder engine but will it be good enough for the Nissan Z? The sports car has been using a six-cylinder engine in the form of a V-6 or an in-line six.

It will also be a tough game for Nissan with a lineup with three sports cars. We cannot deny though that an improved 240SX may attract more customers than a tweaked and facelifted Z. The sales may be modest with the 370Z but it is a crucial part of the company’s image.

How do you see this? Do you think Nissan will be better off if they come up with a higher volume of 240SX or new Z that has to deal with a lot of compromise in order to meet tighter regulations?

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