Nissan will roll out small cars to the United States with tags under S10K

by admin ~ February 24th, 2010.

Nissan Global Compact CarNowadays, small cars do not come cheap as the market has higher demands for well equipped compacts and smaller subcompacts. Small also doesn’t always mean green but there will most likely be a correlation.

Japanese carmaker Nissan reveals plans to bring to the U.S. shore two small cars priced under $10,000. These cars will derive its DNA from the Micra, a mini car sold in parts of Europe and Asia that is smaller than their current Versa.

At the moment Kia’s cheapest in the U.S. is a base version of the 2010 Versa. It has a sticker price kicking off at $9,990 and does well with a 1.6L engine coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car also does not have electric windows and a standard radio.

The base price is just a very good headliner. A car below $10K.

In the U.S., a starting price point of $10K is next to impossible and Nissan might just get a slice of the market which is still trying to recover from an economic meltdown.

The competition for this Nissan subcompacts are definitely more expensive. BMW bred Mini Cooper sells for about $20,000. The two-seater Smart ForTwo was received well back in 2008 but not anymore last year even if it was priced at $11,990.

A big volume of production might allow Nissan to inject some much wanted amenities like air conditioning, stereo, and power windows. If they can do this they can breakaway from the subcompact notion that small is cheap but cheap is nasty. Let’s see what happens when the pair of subcompacts comes to the U.S. by 2012.

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