Nissan will come up with Stunning Design for their first EV

by admin ~ June 5th, 2009.

Japanese car maker Nissan is set to release their first all electric car by 2010. The design and styling of the car is still on the drawing boards but the chief designer of the company was quoted saying that the Nissan EV cannot be missed on the road.

The bold statement aims to hold water to distinguish the first all electric car from Nissan from the hybrid cars roaming the roads today. According to Nissan insiders, the EV will be veering away from the wedge design followed by the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius.

Nissan NuVu

It will be striking as promised. The first noticeable thing of the EV will be the absence of the grille. There is no need for one. The size of the engine will also be a lot smaller so the hood can be expected to be diving down the line of sight for better aerodynamics of the vehcle. Of course, there will also be a plug for recharging the Nissan NuVu to remind everyone that it is not just like any other vehicle on the road.

So far, the drag coefficient of the Nissan EV is at 0.30. The figure is a bit higher than the 0.28 of the Honda Insight and the 0.25 of the Toyota Prius. The design team of Nissan is still tweaking the design to improve the number, but hey, at least it’ll look better than the Honda or the Toyota, right?

The designers of the all electric Nissan vehicle were not given the free reign on how the car should look. It will still follow the platform of Nissan to keep the cost of production down to optimal.

The production of the all electric vehicle also made Nissan the first beneficiary of the $1.1B loan from the US Department of Energy. This will come from the set aside funds amounting to $25B for the development of vehicles using advanced technology.

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