Nissan plans to mass produce EVs by 2012

by admin ~ July 1st, 2009.

The commitment to produce electric vehicles is there but none of the car manufacturers have delivered an EV which can be used by car owners on a daily basis and on a volume great enough for wide use.

Nissan promised that they can come up with their first electric vehicle by 2010 and will initially service fleets for commercial use. Recently, the Japanese car maker reveals that they aim to mass produce EVs with zero emission by 2012.

During the shareholders meeting this month, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn declared the company will unveil its first EV by 2 August. The EV will go on limited sale in their Japanese and U.S. market by April of 2010. Mass production of this EV due for released to the global market will be by 2012.

The EV for mass production will make use of the Nissan plants in Smyrna, Tennessee and an undisclosed factory in Japan. The Smyrna plant can produce about 100,000 units on a yearly basis.

Nissan Cube EV

The Nissan executive also revealed that the pricing for their EV will be very reasonable, with the company believing that the plans will not work if consumers cannot afford their new green cars.

The Japanese car maker did not release the specifics about the electric vehicle but car industry experts assume that the package will include a 35kW/hr battery that will be leased to the consumer so prices can be trimmed down and make replacement of the battery pack easier.

The battery will supply power to the electric motor that will move the front wheels using a single gear. The car is expected to have a 367mpg-e.

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