Nissan Nuvu: Nissan offers new view of electric cars

by admin ~ March 15th, 2009.

The Nissan NuVu (or ‘new view’) lives up to its name by offering consumers a fresh, new way of experiencing the luxury of electric cars. Sure, the bubbly car may not be suited for cross-country driving or highway cruising, but the NuVu sure makes for a great ride for going around city streets and zipping through urban environments. Measuring only 118 inches long, the NuVu is small enough to squeeze into tight parking spots but still big enough to seat three passengers in an asymmetrical interior arrangement.

Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle Side
Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle

If you look at the electric car’s exterior profile, you would think that the NuVu is a front drive platform. But what it actually has is a drive motor located on the back which powers the rear wheels. The automaking company is still a bit tight-lipped about the exact specifications of the NuVu, but word has it that the drivetrain is a fully functional mobile test bed of the new technology that Nissan plans using in the production of the electric vehicle slated for launching in 2010. What consumers can expect, however, is that the NuVu will be able to run at the top speed of around 75 mph and has a 77-mile range. The NuVu will use a lithium-ion battery pack that is capable of 140 watt hours per kilogram.

Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle
Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle
Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle

The production of the electric car will be a collaborative venture between Nissan and NEC Group, with the Automotive Energy Supply Corp. producing the battery pack to be used. The NuVu’s roof is made entirely of glass and will have photo voltaic solar panels in the shape of leaves. The energy tree located on the driver’s rear cargo floor reaches through the roof and is responsible for gathering energy that can be used to recharge the car.

Nissan NuVu Electric Vehicle
Nissan NuVu Interior Electric Vehicle

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  2. Victor Fleming Says:

    I am interested in this car (the Nissan Nuvu. When will it be
    available in the United States of America? Will it be all
    Electric or will it be assisted by a gas engine?

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