Nissan North America Launches Krom Line Packages

by admin ~ May 21st, 2009.

Japanese car maker Nissan will launch a business unit in the United States to meet the demand for customization and individualization of their line of vehicles.

Dubbed as Krom (pronounced like “chrome “) will be under the Nissan’s Specialty Vehicles Group that aims to pour in thousands of dollars in accessories to produce variations of the different models in their fleet.

Nissan Cube Krom

Krom will be focused in helping car owners expressed themselves through added car features and accessories focused on trim packages. The existing Nismo line will cater to the demand for performance packages.

A high end model of the Nissan Cube serves as the kick off for the Krom brand set to excite the market this May. Nissan sales executives foresee 10% of the sale of Cube coming from the Cube Krom version.

Designers of Nissan are also considering playing the designs of the Sentra and Altima to have Krom versions.

The Krom of the Nissan Cube comes as extra to an already packed cross over vehicle that comes with 40 options for buyers. Cube which attracts the young market presents a wide range of choices for its colored interior, grilles, mirror covers, lighting, spoiler, and other added features.

The basic Cube sells for $14685 with some of the custom features selling for $50 or lower. The Krom version of the cube will have a sticker price of around $20065.

Nissan Cube enters the market with fierce accessorizing competition from the likes of Kia Cars that markets Soul with around 50 add on options.

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