Nissan mainstream vehicles may get turbo Z technology

by admin ~ September 6th, 2009.

Keeping prices affordable while satisfying the need for speed has never mixed better than the glory days of sports cars from Japanese manufacturers like the Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan. Turbocharging was the name of the game to give consumers great rides like the Supra, the RX-7, and the 300ZX.

Mazda and Toyota are not very keen on making turbocharged speed monsters at the moment but Nissan is considering to resurrect the turbo Z mean machines.

Engineers and designers from Nissan are toying with the idea of using turbocharged powerplants in their next gen vehicles. Leading garages from Europe like that of the VW and BMW, and Ford in North America which have been making waves with their turbocharged vehicles have made Nissan think about the issue.

Nissan Z

Nissan’s turbocharged units in the market today are primarily using diesel engines and are relatively focused on their low volume segment like the GT-R. Their series of VQ with 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engines have variants that are turbocharged.

Nissan can also give their future vehicles with better fuel saving while maintaining the engine grunt through turbocharging. To fight off bad reviews which mention of vibrations during high rpm of their Infiniti G37 and 370Z, a new series of vehicles with smaller tuirbocharged engines might just prove critics wrong about the Nissan technology.

The plan of using forced induction technology like the platforms being used by leading automakers also gets the nod from their business partner, Renault. One issue that they are trying to study and look at is the emission of the vehicles. Some car makers have avoided turbo charging vehicles because of higher emissions especially when tougher laws are being put into place in different corners of the world.

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