Nissan LEAF outsells 15 vehicles so far in 2011

by admin ~ October 24th, 2011.

You might think that a subcompact car that has tag price of under $20,000 and is known for fuel efficiency can easily leave behind a $35,000 vehicle that has only 100 mile range on the sales chart, you have guessed wrong. The Nissan LEAF outperformed the Kizashi by Suzuki in terms of sales by as much as 1754 units. It also went ahead of Chevy Volt and other heavy hitters in the car industry.

What do the sales figure suggest of consumers in the United States who usually commute more compared to those in Europe on a daily basis? There are other brands outclassed by the LEAF and the Volt in terms of sold units, and a lot of people are wondering how this occurred amid the current economic slump. Before going into that, you need to look into the sales of the two Nissan vehicles compared with that of the Smart ForTwo as they all have high price tags and limited function. Last year Nissan was able to sold 3,895 units of Volt and 7,199 units of LEAF while the Smart ForTwo delivered 3,757 units to consumers.

Some answers are easy to find. One obvious reason for the soaring number of sales for the LEAF is the US government tapping the vehicle for some initial electric vehicle programs. Fleet purchases are also responsible for the numbers like GE infusing funds to buy electric cars to replace their fleet of 30,000 thru 2015. The New York Police Department also bought 50 units of Nissan LEAF.

Although fleet purchases partly explain the success of the Leaf, you cannot deny the fact that it also outsold brands that are considered heavy hitters. The Nissan LEAF outclassed in terms of sales cars like the XC-70 by Volvo, A3 and A6 from Audi, 1-Series of the BMW, Veracruz of Hyundai, and the Miata by Mazda. You can also add to this list the Grand Vitara of Suzuki, Azera of Hyundai C30 of Volvo, and most of the models of Saab.

The plan of GE to upgrade their fleet of service vehicles will play a crucial role in determining the sales of Nissan Leaf. We are not yet sure how the government will affect the sales figures since this wil depend on the congress, the next administration, and the state of the economy.

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