Nissan EV: Batteries Not Included

by admin ~ December 2nd, 2008.

Nissan vowed to be the leader in the production of electric cars as a step towards eco-friendliness. However, purchasing the new electric vehicles may be slightly different from buying traditional internal combustion models as one Nissan executive reveals that the company plans to sell the EV models separately from the high-voltage lithium-ion batteries required to make the vehicles run. This strategy helps tone down both the high cost of the cars and batteries and the consumer’s voiced concerns about the lifespan of both.

According to Automotive News, Carlos Tavares, Nissan Motor Co.’s executive vice president for product planning and design, revealed during an event in Detriot that Nissan plans to sell the vehicles and the batteries separately. He also said that the EV model production is cheaper than the gas models in theory. The cost shoots up when you add the cost of the batteries.

While some would immediately think that it would be another stop in the purchasing process, Tavares said that it will not be an unnecessary inconvenience for the consumer and that the cost of ownership will still be the same as that of an internal combustion model, even though the batteries for the EV models are sold separately, because unlike the gas models, there is no need to replenish the pump.

The first Nissan EV model will hit U.S. and Japan in 2010. Brian Brockman, spokesperson for Nissan added that they are currently test driving the EV models on the ground and building their data base about them to be used as a basis for the production of new models.

The Nissan EV models will hit the market in 2010. The first cars will probably be based on the Nissan Mixim concept — a car I liked a lot!

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