Invader Technologies showcases Nissan Patrol special edition Invader N40

by admin ~ January 26th, 2012.

Among the vehicles that are set to hit the floors of the auto show in Geneva this year, one of the most fascinating ride is the Invader N40.

Unlike other tweaks that are often revealed during major auto shows like the one being held yearly in Geneva, the Invader N40 is not the usual ride these designers and engineers will beef up. It is not a luxury car and it is not a sports car. It is a Nissan Patrol which by its nature is not the favorite of most tuners.

The Invader N40 gives you a beast different from what you are used too. Invader Technologies tag the Invader N40 as the ultimate program of customization for the Nissan Patrol. The new setup gives the Patrol a ride a good those of aerodynamic elements which is comparable to other programs.

The Invader N40 gives buyers a bigger body kit. The front end of the Patrol was also restyled to highlight the LED that goes well with the black headlamps. You will also notice carbon fiber is used a lot for the details of the ride. Aside from these, the Invader N40 gets 22-inch multi-piece forged alloy rims which contribute to the more aggressive stance and total look of the Invader N40.

Inside, the Invader N40 is dominated by carbon fiber, alcantara, and high quality leather. You might say these are normal changes if you are tweaking a car, but it is not for the Nissan Patrol.

Invader Technologies has not yet disclosed what they did to the engine of the Invader N40. Some are saying that the output will not come close to 600 horsepower similar to the L60. We are pretty sure we are in for a surprise and that Invader Technologies really put in the man hours to come up with a good ride.

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