Infiniti rolls out Black Premium EX30d in Europe

by Randell ~ January 28th, 2011.

The luxury division of Nissan, Infiniti is showing its class as a premier carmaker by giving importantce to the customer experience as much as producing great vehicles. One may argue that it is doing even better in Europe compared to its rivals with the brand just being a newcomer to boot.

p7 Infiniti Black Premium

Infiniti gives the European market the Black Premium EX which is based on the premium trim EX30d GT that runs on diesel. It is called Black edition primarily because it is finished with metallic Malbec (simply put that is Infiniti’s black paint). The Black Premium EX also features graphite leather clad interiors, a sunroof, a sound system by bose, and alloy rims.

The Black Premium depends on V6 238 PS diesel powerplant. The luxury vehicle by Infiniti was rolled out simultaneoulsy in all their market areas in Europe. The coupe crossover is among the first of its class in the world with a good combo of luxury, refinement, and brute torque of 550 Nm.

The Infiniti Black Premium also comes with a wide array of technologies to boost safety, comfort, and fun while driving.

Now that we have covered about the vehicle, let us talk about the customer experience. Get the Black Premium and you will get an overnight stay in any of the luxury hotels listed with the group of Relais and Chateau. You also get an exclusive membership to the elite Club 5C.

There will only be 500 units of the Black Premium rolling out of the European market. If you are interested, prepare a check for £45,671.

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