2012 – 2013 Updates for Nissan Leaf confirmed

by Randell ~ July 25th, 2011.

The first mass-produced battery-electric car is produced by economy car giant Nissan and is aptly called Leaf and the Japanese carmaker has sold over 4,000 Leaf models in the U.S. with a total of 3, 894 this June 2011. The automobile giant made announcements that it will keep up with its sales demands in the initial 7 sales areas where the Leaf was first introduced and will soon announce sales regions in the East Coast. Nissan gives us confirmed updates on the models for 2012 and 2013.

2012 Leaf Updates

The 2012 Leaf models will roll out in dealer sites before the end of November according to the topman for sales and marketing strategy, Brendan Jones. All 2012 models will get the so-called package for Cold Weather where the steering wheel, front seats, external rear- mirrors and battery packs are all heated plus a heater feature for the rear.

2013 Leaf Updates

From the standard 240-Volt Level 2 charger, the 2013 models will be equipped with the 6.6 kilowatts version. This will reduce the recharging time needed by the lithium-ion battery. According to product planning director, Mark Perry, upgrading of the charger would take a year or so. This was confirmed by corporate communication’s senior manager, Katherine Zachary, and indeed, the 2013 models will get an upgraded charger.

The 2013 Leaf models would also be released in showrooms in Smyrna in the state of Tennessee. While these are the only updates the car giant has released, it wouldn’t come as a surprise when the future Leaf models would get further equipment upgrades.

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